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Please note, due to my investment in additional advanced level ThetaHealing classes and the improvement in my work since I originially set my rates, I will be increasing my rates on 12/1/2015. You have until then to take advantage of session packages with Law of Attraction Coaching included for no additional fees at the current rates!

Animal Communication and Healing:
ThetaHealing® works very well for animals. Animals are very much in tune with nature and the energy of Creation that effects healings, they sometimes heal more easily than we humans can. The ThetaHealing® techniques of healing and belief work are very well suited to helping our pets or any animal we care about.

How a ThetaHealing® session can help you and your pet
A communication session can help tremendously to explain a situation to your pet and avoid unnecessary stress. Study after study has shown that stress causes disease for us, and it works the same way for animals. Keeping your pet's stress levels to a minumum can help keep them healthy. Many of the things that cause us stress like moving, and losing or gaining a new family member will also make your pet feel stressed.

My own experience with ThetaHealing® and my cats has been a blessing. The combination of the healing and communication techniques helped me cope with loss, helped my cat live as comfortably as possible until he passed and understand what was happening and know how loved he was/is. When I was ready to adopt a new cat, I used ThetaHealing® animal communication techniques with behavioral training (lots of treats!) to get her to agree to always scratch her scratching post instead of the furniture.

Preparing for your ThetaHealing® session
Please be sure to call or email for your free consulation (up to 30 min). If you would like to do communication with your pet during the session, it helps to have some notes about what you would like to say to your pet, and what questions you'd like to ask. For a healing session it may help if you know what the issue is, but that's not necessary. The session can be done in person or over the phone. If your appointment is by phone please use a headset or speaker for your phone and please plan not to be interrupted during your session.

BONUS- Law of Attraction Coaching is included *at no charge* along with your bonus 5th session, when you purchase a 4-session package. Law of Attraction coaching will make the most of your subconscious shifts that happen for you and your animals during your ThetaHealing session, by giving your conscious mind new information and new ways to act to support the healing and create even more profound results. You get unlimited email support for any questions you have between the sessions, fun "homework" assignments and if you aren't already familiar with Law of Attraction you will learn invauable new skills for creating change on your own.

What to expect in your ThetaHealing® session with your pet(s)
A ThetaHealing® session for your pet can involve healing and belief work as it would with a person. I will be asking your persmission as well as getting your pet's permission before there are any changes to beliefs or conditions. The communicating I do with your pet is done silently. In some cases a pets health condition is similar to or related to their owner's health condition(s). ThetaHealing® teaches us why this can happen and what what to do about it.

All communication with this bear was done by distance, from the safety of my car. The conversation with the buffalo (not pictured) at Bear World was more memorable. The buffalo were less than pleased with the amount of space they had so I did what I could to help them with feelings and beliefs to be more comfortable in their space.

The animals in our lives are amazing teachers. Years ago the family cats taught me how to communicate with them, and later I learned more about this same technique and others in ThetaHealing® classes. Over time I would simply get information from them without formal communication.

When my cat became ill and then passed at age 18 from kidney failure,ThetaHealing® was helpful to both of us in dealing with his illness. It helped me deal with losing him and helped him to be as comfortable as possible up to the end. I can't take credit for how nice and calm he was with the veterinarian and the rest of the staff there, that was just his nature. But being able to let him know what was going on and do ThetaHealing® for him helped him to be his usual sweet self in spite of all the trips to the vet and while following the veterinarian's instructions. During his treatments before he passed, his veterinarian commented that she was surprised that a cat with his bloodwork would be doing as well as he was.

We all have our own beliefs about what happens to the soul after we pass. I believe the soul continues and saw many signs of that with the new cat I adopted (above right, picture taken 2015) after "recognizing" the eyes and soul of my not so long departed cat (above left, picture taken 2011) in a kitten at the animal shelter. The above pictures of them sleeping with one leg up show one of those signs. From all the cute cat pictures I've seen and my own experiences with cats, this sleep position is pretty unusual..

Since getting back from my instructor classes, birds have been less quick to fly away when I approach. This is one that was in the yard and stuck around long enough and allowed me to get close enough to get a picture with my phone. This isnt the same bird that flew in the chimney when I was putting notes together for my 9/10/14 talk on Animal Communication. Other flying creatures such as butterflies and bees have been around more too. I had a butterfly land on me (sadly not with a camera anywhere near) which had never happened before. At the park one day a large bee was buzzing around and I started to do some healing work for it to help it heal from the causes of colony collapse disorder and know how to teach other bees the same. When I started doing this the bee stopped buzzing and landed on a rock by my foot. The bee stayed there until I finished the healing work and only flew away a few seconds later when someone on a noisy bicycle went by. A few days later at the same park, I remembered that bee and thought of additional healing work I could do for it. Within a few minutes a bee that looked the same as the one from the other day flew into my forehead (between 3rd eye and crown chakra). I took that as a sign it appreciated the healing work, and went ahead with the new healings I was thinking of.

After being inspired by a meditation in one of the instructor courses I was quided to find a facility housing tigers and become a volunteer. In the process I found out about some of the really hideous atrocities committed against these incredible creatures in Asian countries and other parts of the world. Wanting to help and do something, even if its just helping with the care of these animals in a sanctuary and when I can, make others aware of the dangers they face in other parts of the world, made me even more determined to follow up with and visit various centers. I finally began helping the Conservator Center in Burlington, NC as a volunteer. Besides tigers they have other large cats and other fascinating animals residents. Its been a joy to be around them even though I don't have nearly as much time to volunteer there as I'd like.

"I was desperate to help my dog Lucy overcome her severe panic about riding in my car. We had tried 'everything' and her fear just continued to get worse. A friend suggested we try Theta Healing and I am so grateful we did. Naomi helped us to uncover and release the source of her trauma and to heal my own sorrow around that. First car ride (after the session with Naomi) was manageable. Second ride she actually lay down and rested for a time! That hasn't happened in years. Theta Healing works and Naomi is a loving guide."
~Satyavati D.

"Lovey [family Dog] was all smiles when we got home. I feel lighter, too." M.A. Shannon

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is right for you or your pet. This consultation gets your questions answered and includes energetic downloads of the 5 most important beliefs held by people who are able to heal, according to Vianna Stibals's observations from tens of thousands of healing sessions. Please call or email to find out more, or if you're ready to book your session(s) please use the payment button below.

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IMPORTANT: ThetaHealing® is never intended to replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Always continue to follow your veterinarian's instructions.

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